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Your shortcut to exponential growth

At GrowthX, we understand the power of strategy, speed and valuable connections because they can lead to exponential growth.

Our mission is to enable businesses to achieve exponential growth by creating valuable connections and fostering strategic partnerships.

Think Big

GrowthX has quickly established itself as a competent player in the realm of Professional Networking. We have successfully sold and delivered medical supply worth over 50 million euros to the German and Austrian government, despite having no prior experience in the medical supplies trade. Furthermore, we have built an impressive network of real estate developers, investment funds, HNWIs, private foundations, banks, and other industry leaders in the DACH region. Our reputation is built on the ability to identify the right decision-makers and partners across diverse sectors and bring them together.

„We firmly believe that our ability to think big, grow fast, and build the right successful connections is the driving force behind our success. After talking to many entrepreneurs who are operating far below their potential, we decided to leverage our skills for clients and partners to help them grow.“

Larry Liu, Mathias Tagwerker | Founders

Track Record

Our recent accomplishments

2017 - 2020
Successful establishment of more than 3 marketing agencies with an annual turnover exceeding 1 million euros.
2018 - 2020
Scaling of 3 E-commerce shops to achieve an annual turnover exceeding 10 million euros.
Successful guidance and execution of M&A transactions for multiple companies.
Becoming investors in a 50 million euros portfolio comprising several commercial properties in Austria.
Supplier of medical products to the German and Austrian governments, totaling more than 50 million euros.
Co-founded a company for medical healthcare services in collaboration with renowned chief physicians from Austria, with a total of 10 locations in Vienna.
Successful launch of a trading company specializing in Forex and Crypto trading. Became a member of the FTMO Leaderboard in record time. We generate profits through significant market price manipulations.

We're all about growth

At GrowthX, we transcend industry boundaries and focus on utilizing the strength of our experience, speed and network to find the right solutions for our clients, no matter their needs. Our mission is to assist affluent clients in achieving their goals and crafting their success stories. Whether it's finding investors for real estate projects, securing collaborative partners for advertising agencies, or connecting buyers with products like AdBlue or Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), we are the facilitators who make it happen.

For the growth of our clients, we are prepared to overcome every challenge and problem without requiring them to make any upfront payments.

Our success lies in our ability to empathize with the desires and goals of our clients and think strategically to utilize their growth potential.

We approach key decision-makers directly and fearlessly connect with top-level contacts. Our extensive network includes consultants, advertising agencies, real estate experts, HNWIs, investment funds, and others.

All our partners trust us and are willing to share their experiences and connections. We employ strategic research and innovative methods to find the best and most promising partners for our clients.

As experts in offering services for business growth and building a Professional Network, we offer bespoke solutions to our clients.

We act as intermediaries between our clients and the right partners to foster successful business relationships. Our revenue is derived from referral and consulting fees, which can be flexibly tailored to meet your needs.


Facilitation of Major Customers: We assist you in finding the largest buyers in your industry, reaching out to the right key individuals, and convincing them to engage with your products or services. Our approach here, as always, is to „Think Big.“


Sourcing of Goods and Services: We help you maximize profits and grow by identifying alternative suppliers and subjecting them to thorough due diligence.


Company Structures / Growth Strategy: We support you in strategically planning your corporate structure and growth strategy, including exit scenarios, as well as in finding joint venture partners at the corporate level.


Capital / Investor Placement: Thanks to our close connections to the wealthiest private investors, institutions, and private foundations, we have excellent access to substantial equity. We assist you in connecting with suitable investors from our network and guide you through to the final transaction.


think big grow big 

think big grow big 

think big grow big 

think big grow big 

think big grow big 

Our Network

Our extensive network comprises consultants, advertising agencies, real estate developers, HNWIs, investment funds, banks, insurance providers, medical product manufacturers, crypto specialists, influencer agencies, hotel brands, aviation services, and many other industry experts. We specialize in leveraging these connections to link our clients with the right partners.

Grow with us

If you seek new growth opportunities, aim to form strategic partnerships, or want to explore investment possibilities, we are your trusted partner. Our comprehensive expertise and commitment to outstanding customer service make us the ideal choice for sophisticated business connections.

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