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Offering leading Supply Solutions

At GrowthX, we offer supply solutions for governments and corporations specialized in the sourcing of refined petroleum products and LNG.

With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we´re bringing leading suppliers and corporations together.

About Us

GrowthX has quickly established itself as a competent player in the realm of supply solutions. Together with our partners we have successfully sold and delivered medical supply, refined petroleum products and LNG worth over 3 billion euros to several governments and corporations worldwide. Furthermore, we have built an impressive network of worlds leading providers and reliable buyers. Our reputation is built on identifying and working together with the right partners to create the perfect offer for our clients across diverse sectors.

„We firmly believe that the ability to fully understand customers‘ needs and having that relentless drive to focus on the best solution out there, are more important than ever. We pride ourselves on helping our clients by identifying reliable suppliers and delivering the best possible solution for their needs.“

Larry Liu, Mathias Tagwerker | Founders

Your Sourcing Partner

At GrowthX, we understand the critical importance of secure and reliable oil and LNG supply for governments and corporations. Our mission is to streamline the procurement process by connecting the best producers with the most suitable buyers.

We are dedicated to fostering collaborations that ensure the smooth flow of resources, thereby contributing to the energy security and operational efficiency of our partners.

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supply solutions 

supply solutions 

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Our Approach

We employ a strategic approach to match the requirements of governments and corporations with the capabilities of top-tier producers. Our team meticulously assesses your needs and coordinates with our network to secure the best-fit partners. Whether you're looking for oil, LNG, or both, our aim is to optimize your procurement process while prioritizing quality and reliability.

Partner with us

If you're seeking a trusted partner with an unparalleled commitment to sourcing excellence, GrowthX is your ultimate destination. Explore new horizons in procurement with us. Get in touch today to discover how we can empower your supply journey.

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